By way of his social media post he told the world, “I’m forwarding from far, but I’m closer to inner peace,” and JAhf Reach, born in the twin island Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) as Casey “Kc” Henry to Trinidadian-native African parents, is the third of six siblings. A name that was the sole one known to his immediate family, school mates, and small community in South Trinidad, he grew, experienced life as it presented itself to him, and lived the experience as he saw fit. He recalled it was a life that was not always a bed of sweet-smelling roses.

  “My life has been full of controversy and a lot of targeted injustice, and for other persons, this may be alarming, however, I responsibly embraced every and any challenge, which resulted in me standing strong, facing my demons, and becoming better in my family life, business prospect, and academic advancement. To the world, I’m now popularly known as JAhf Reach or CABAh.”

JAhf Reach

JAhf said he migrated to Canada at the age of 23, and despite his culture shock, his self-determination for greatness led him to break barriers, cross borders, and link healthy bridges, which helped him soar in every field as a musician, businessman, family man, and mentor. One of JAhf’s successes is his record label City of JAhf Reach, CABAh Lifestyle, from which he frequently records and produces new songs with other artistes.

  “Some artistes are signed to my label and some just want to be associated with the high-quality production that they hear in my music,” he expressed.

JAhf’s focus, drive, confidence and humility, further propelled him to become a recognized producer, writer, mixer/master who promotes his and other artistes’ music. His podcast, Open Minded Not Blinded, offers motivational talks, mentorship, charity and philanthropy, while his social work expertise enables him to assist his family, friends, and fans, by challenging their mindset – giving them deep insight, and encouraging them to retrain their mind. He said he hails Rastafaria and encourages others not to see this faith as a religion.

Cover of JAhf Reach debut album. Click on Image to listen to his podcast, Open Minded Not Blinded

Cover art for the single released on October 13, 2023, illustrating its writer and producer JAhf Reach, right, and featuring soca artiste T&T's "Benjai". Click on this IMAGE to listen to "Testimony" on YouTube!

JAhf Reach is illustrated on the cover of his 2020-debut single, "You Are Great". Click on IMAGE to watch official video on YouTube!

Cover of recently-released single with Sizzla Kolanji, "Live Longer". Click on image to listen on YouTube!

JAhf said in 2020 he embarked upon his professional music career with a song titled, You Are Great, which featured Bahamian born LJ and got worldwide attention especially in the Christian communities. The music video was shot and the rest is history. 

   He went on to do Rich and Famous which featured Trinidadian Kiffvona. Swarmed by an overwhelming volume of people/new fans, and artistes interested in working with him, he went international when he featured Saudi Arabian native SLO Ma on his song titled Three in One. JAhf’s rolled out over 50 tracks, 14 music videos, 20 collaborations and a debut album in 2022, Soca CABAh Lifestyle.

   Anticipated for January of 2024 is his 13-track and second album with six collabs titled, Explicit Free Speech, that promises to have something for everyone in the entire family and neighbourhood.

   Leading off is "Rich and Famous" feat. Kiffvona, followed by "Late Night", "City" feat. KHU, "Live Longer", "Let It Go", "The Renegade", "Bad Dreams", "We The Crew" feat. Loukay, "Murda Dem", "I Need To Know Your Name", "This Is It", "Moving On", and "You Are Great" feat. LJ.

   JAhf’s worked with some of the biggest names in his genre of soca and reggae music such as T&T’s Iwer George, Benjai, Ziggy Rankin and Jamaica’s Sizzla Kalonji, respectively, and more.

  He explained, “Because of the challenges, oppression and injustice I faced personally and seen other black people endured and continue to, I advocate for the less fortunate and vulnerable populations; no matter the race or gender, that’s why my catchphrase, CABAh Lifestyle, which means Creating A Beautiful And Healthy Lifestyle, is deliberately prominent in my music.”

JAhf urges, to challenge your mindsets.

Build not brag, compliment not complain, and make efforts to do good, not excuses from.

   Living by the mantra, “If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem,” the Canadian-based is a father of two who said he loves them dearly.

    JAhf’s currently working on his second album in less than two years, EXPLICIT FREE SPEECH with 13 tracks, feat. in part, Sizzla. He said he got a burst of higher energy working with Sizzla. His debut album, Soca CABAh Lifestyle, was released in March of 2022, and streamed over 200,000 times just on social media platforms alone,

and 400,000 combined and still counting.

  The album is said to have created history and has set the bar very high even for JAhf with some hard hits from 20 tracks, 10 collaborations, and four music videos that attracted over 25,000 new Instagram followers and write ups in news articles globally.

Music critics said the album will forever be a favourite.

“JAhf’s music is very infectious with it now being played all over the world in many countries.
Everyone will be eager to hear what his new album will bring to old and new listener’s ear.

JAhf Reach performs at a show.

CABAh - Creating A Beautiful And Healthy - Lifestyle

  “The CABAh Lifestyle Dj/Singlay, Record Producer, and Singer/Songwriter, is known for pushing boundaries whenever he delivers on a record. His high-energy, passionate, and confident vibe, keeps you wanting more,” said his release.

New music:

  • On October 13, JAhf released the single TESTIMONY feat. T&T’s soca artiste, Benjai.

  • On October 29, LIVE LONGER – a dancehall-reggae track feat. Sizzla; the fourth on EXPLICIT FREE SPEECH, was released on Sizzla’s page.


It’s chorus: We’re going to live a lot longer and do good as we live and grow stronger as we could, survive through hunger. They knew we would! We're going to live a lot longer and do good.


  • Tabled for release in January of 2024 is EXPLICIT FREE SPEECH.

“It has something for everyone in the entire family and neighbourhood,” said JAhf.



About the album, JAhf said, “Success comes at a cost, and coming from a small village in a small-island country, I am going to tell it all in a way that’s never been heard before.”


Working with Sizzla

Regarding working with Sizzla, JAhf said it’s a risky move usually to push the limits as a new artiste, but it clearly paid off for him, and has gained him such notoriety, that the living Jamaican dancehall legend himself, is on the Live Longer track, the fourth on the Explicit Free Speech album with the ‘controversial’ JAhf Reach. “I am truly humbled by the experience and it goes to show that hard work with consistency truly pays off because I grew up listening to Sizzla, and to have a song with him now, is a true blessing.” 


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