Campari colors Trinidad Carnival 2023

On the heels of the brand’s “Respect the Bitter” campaign launched in 2022, Marketing Manager for Campari, Pavel Smith says the goal of the campaign is to shift the narrative of how persons viewed the aperitif’s profile and teach consumers about the best way to enjoy Campari.

“The Respect The Bitter campaign was launched to show consumers the best way to enjoy the unique flavor profile of Campari and I think we have been achieving that. Campari is all about celebrations and good vibes and it is regionally recognized as the drink of Carnival with this in mind, we hope that all soca lovers had fun this past carnival season in Trinidad and look forward to enjoying more Carnival fun around the region, even as they drink responsibly,” said Smith.

The perfect serve of Campari is one part Campari to three parts of grapefruit soda or any other juice of choice. Persons must be 18 years or older to drink. This unique blend was enjoyed thoroughly at many events, including: Tribe Ignite, Yup Life’s Bacchanal Brunch and Festival of Color, Brunch and Soca as well as on the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday with Tribe and at Tribe’s Last Lap and Last Jam events.


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