I am a Trinbagonian Publicist, Writer, Media Specialist and Photographer specializing in Entertainment and representing various Caribbean brands, artistes, promoters, corporate and Government clients.

I also run Overtime Media Productions Limited - a media production company and Caribbean Culture Clothing - a clothing and merchandise line, with both entities dedicated to showcasing Caribbean talent, music and culture to the world...

Woi, my name is Nigel Telesford


Timeless Style

I'm definitely a Writer first and foremost, but I do like taking photos as well...

Over 2 Decades of Experience

I started writing for The Vox Magazine as part of the Trinidad Express Newspaper in 1997 and continued as Junior Reporter until 2004.

Then, I left to explore the world of television at Gayelle The Channel and subsequently became a Producer, Presenter and Program Director at Synergy TV. Whilst learning to master media, I was also writing, recording and performing with the #1 hip-hop group in the Caribbean at the time, Spotrushaz.

All of which, advanced my understanding and enabled me to become one of (if not THE) #1 Publicist in Trinidad and Tobago.