Born with a natural inclination to dance and create, "Jose Freedom" stomped, floated, gyrated and slid his way to become one of T&T’s and the wider world’s finest dancers and choreographers. Among his prominence in the local arena, is having been one of soca icon Kes’ backup dancers. He was also a member of the respected international dance company, Elle InfiniTT.  

  The success of these disciplines advanced the UTT Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Performing Arts-graduate to varying high-class activities on numerous performing stages among the greats, internationally.

Freedom, birthed Judah Jiminez, said leading up to and during that journey, he cherished every bit of inspiration he received from others, so he reciprocated and gave back to students aged 11 to 19 years during his motivational stint with the Decibel Expo.

The Decibel Expo was a project founded and produced by Question Mark Entertainment that catered to young aspiring entertainers. However, even as Freedom whole-heartedly inspired others and embraced dance and the excitement it brought, somewhere deep down, he felt he had an untapped singing and music well - from which he was afraid to fetch.

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Moving to the Czech Republic

  He said his level of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment aroused constant brainstorming and a thirst to feel fulfilled, which led him to Europe three years ago (2020) where he currently resides, Prague, Czech Republic. His world of singing and music took flight. Open-mic gigs and other small activities stimulated many opportunities. He continuously projects his native national colours and culture everywhere. Passionate about sharing soca in particular, and the essence it brings and creates, he ruled in Soca Dance Workshops.

  Very sure and intense about his new move, his portfolio expanded to become a full-time singer/musician.

  He established his backup dancers called The Hurricanes – Mikky (choreographer/creative director), Koki, Zoe and Sonik – whom he described as fierce and strong, yet sweet and calm, and make up a stage dynamic, with energy and a creativity that are unmatched in their own right.

“I love hearing the sound of Jose Freedom and The Hurricanes,” he revealed.

  Freedom’s genres are Caribbean rhythms/Island Pop, Afrobeat/Afrorave, Soul/Smooth Jams, and Soca, of any style.

Czech Slovakia Got Talent

Unknown to him, his talent attracted much attention that developed a fan base which soared his confidence. In June he competently participated in Česko Slovensko má talent (Czech Slovakia Got Talent), where he swooned judge Diana Mórová off her seat, as cited in the video of the show premiered for the first time on October 8.

  Its related post shared by Freedom’s manager off the CST page, stated:

“A handsome man from the faraway Caribbean, visited the Czech Slovakia has talent show. His sexy appearance caught the attention of all the ladies. The interest increased even more when he revealed he was single!... ‘Estrogen is pouring behind that table,’ commented judge Jaro Slávik, when the beautiful Jose Freedom came on stage.

When the sexy Caribbean man said he didn’t have a girlfriend, Diana stood up provocatively, saying she was mending her dress…. “Guest judge Štĕpán Kozub had to react to that,” which “made Diana smile.”

  Kozub lightly gave Freedom some advice should he “remember his colleague’s behaviour in eight years.” 

Freedom may be a Finalist...

Freedom then put the ultimate provocative icing on the cake when he showed his six pack during his second performance, subsequently walking up to Diana, “looking deeply in her eyes,” holding her hand and finishing his song.

He’s currently awaiting official announcement of the semi-finalists.

On August 26, Freedom was an opening act at his first big event, the REMA in Prague concert, held at Sasazu Night Club where he highly impressed the Nigerian Afrorave sensation headliner, Rema. 

On September 15, the heartthrob released his debut single titled Home; on the 29 he dropped his second single, I Like It, and on the 30, he performed at the Horizon live concert.

Revealed by his manager, he’s attracted mainstream events and concerts in Prague following his Rema in Prague performance. He’s been invited to perform in Poland, Malta and Germany.

Freedom is booked for October 28 to perform at the event noted as the #1 Halloween event in Europe, Bloody Sexy Halloween, and to effectively deliver, on the 18, he released the single titled, Halloween, in which he collaborated with Venezuelan rapper, Kanito.

  Freedom said producing his debut single, Home, is one of the biggest milestones in his life. Many changes have happened in his life since the idea of the song. He doubted himself so many times along the way, but the people and loved-ones around him, he believes with all his heart, that the universe has placed them all here at this time for a good reason.

Jose gets an emotional attention from Česko Slovensko má talent's (Czech Slovakia Got Talent) judge Diana Mórová and sings for her during his performance at the preliminary round held in June 2023.

Jose Freedom, right, on the cover of his third single, Halloween, in collaboration with Kanito, left. The single was released on October 18, 2023.

Cover of Jose's debut single, Home, that was released on September 15, 2023.

Cover of Jose's second single, I Like It, that was released on September 29, 2023.

Freedom gives thanks

 “Home is where the heart is, and it’s a love letter to T&T”
so he’ll continue to say 100 times over, for all who believed in him, betted on him, stuck by him, loved and supported him in any way…He’s truly humbled over and over again. Blessed beyond what he could have ever imagined….”

  Freedom wishes to thank his friend and producer Filip Karlito @a22studioprague x Tony @aodbeats.

  In part, also The Hurricanes, @_djoshua,, @musicoftt, @ca_mmanoel, @iamkanito, @nietoprime, and for the video: @_shots x @elmerr161. His team at @afroraveprague x @balumukaevents, @jabahjm, Andreas and Anderson.

Also, @welitprague “for the opportunity you created and the milestone you have given me that I’ll never forget.”

  Djs and performers: @dj.d0n, @trulyafrojay, @deejay.illegal, @dj_rokka, and @fresh_izzy and those who captured the moments: @elmerr161, @anet_gualsunity, @luci.zednikova, “I’m eternally grateful.

  Freedom’s manager also revealed that he will be presenting his first personal major concert in Prague on December 29

- the day after his birthday -

and a European Festival Tour is on the burner for 2024.