Having reached 38 of the nominal span of a human life – threescore-10 (70) years – is a great accomplishment for many people given, many didn’t make 38 minutes, hours, days or months, and the CABAh Lifestyle founder and director, JAhf Reach, is one who is thanking the Master/Jah/God, for affording him the privilege of entering his 39th year on November 12.

Will he make it through his new year; enter his 40th? It’s solely God’s calling. The loving father of two, Cay and Eli, said he cherishes them with all his might, and also thanked God for them and the vessel that transported them and brought them into the world, their mother.

  “My babies aren’t so much babies no more, but I tell you, with their love and support, I am able to love and support them.”

JAhf said he’s grateful for every opportunity Jah blesses him with and for everyone that gives him the benefit to improve on his journey, also for everything he’s survived and everyone that believed. “I believe out of good vibes comes great vibes.”

  He said he awoke and firstly thanked Jah for seeing a new day, with new hopes, greater possibilities, bigger blessings, and for him to be a blessing to others. Instead of receiving gifts, JAhf gave gifts to the world.

JAhf Reach delivering a message to the world on his birthday.

The cover of JAhf Reach's 2nd LP now on sale, Explicit Free Speech


At midnight on his birthday, his second album, Explicit Free Speech, went on sale on all music platforms.



  JAhf’s message: “I’ve survived a lot of things to get here, but it’s my earth-strong day, earth day, birthday, however you want to say it, however you want to record it, JAhf reached the world! A whole heap of people has passed and gone that contributed to me surviving and getting this far. Big-up the marn ‘dem that are incarcerated and contributed to my survival. Free-up de marn ‘dem from jail, all ghetto youths, all youth and youth, the whole crew and crew. Jah live Selassie I live! I got this far because of God’s grace and humility, and a friendly reminder: ‘no weapons formed against me shall prosper’. We already know, as we live longer and grow stronger, we endorse the CABAh Lifestyle.”

JAhf Reach's two children, Cay and Eli.

JAhf urges everyone to lead a Cabah lifestyle, which he said he tries to portray through his music.


According to Blog Hoarder on JAhf,

“This guy lives his music and we thank him for it. There is a realness to Jahf Reach that transcends into his music and leaves you elevated. Enlightened by a unique style of crossing reggae with hip hop. There is a state of mind available that embraces a peaceful and spiritual existence. One that strives for greatness day in and day out.” stronger, we endorse the CABAh Lifestyle.”

JAhf explained what the Cabah lifestyle is:

It is truly a way of living. It's a mindset.

For me, I overcame a lot of adversity and I challenged my mindset.

I ask questions and I question everything. 

Because I do that, I see a lot of success in everything I'm doing.

There is no limitation based on age, finances, status, based on your circle so I embrace the Cabah lifestyle that I created, saying hey you can have what I have, you can do what I've been doing despite where you are from. (Blog Hoarder)


JAhf said he doesn’t allow things that created discomfort that arose from his or other’s missteps to mar his greater potential. We must apologize, forgive, make amends, learn, introspect and reflect, and move on wiser because ‘It Is What It Is’. It Is What It Is, is a track from his next new album he’s working on. The hook in the chorus is “I wanna be better”. In the tune, JAhf has a conversation with life.


A beautiful birthday:

Attired in flaming red on his birthday, the songwriter, producer, podcast host, and entertainer said his birthday was beautiful; a somewhat new experience; his new year means greater things, and CABAh Lifestyle is about positivity. He advocates: “If you can think, you can believe it. If you believe it, you can achieve it.”


Social media: @JAhfReach

JAhf Reach poses on his birthday before heading to celebrate. Click on his IMAGE to visit his Instagram Page!