launches the

Man With No Door album

with family and friends...

Soca star, songwriter and performer, Kees Dieffenthaller is becoming known globally as the Man With No Door, due to the growing impact and increasing influence of his band, Kes' and their first album since the pandemic that bears the aforementioned title.

Since its release at the end of March, the 16-track opus has secured placement, distribution and promotions on all the major digital platforms ( Spotify, Pandora Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Audiomack, Tidal and Soundcloud ) and continues to rack up streams in the millions,

whilst topping charts and playlists around the region and penetrating and generating interest and ever-increasing and encouraging numbers in major markets across the globe. 

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Kees performs songs from the Man With No Door album at the Moi Creative Space. Click on image to see video clips of his performance. Stage Photos courtesy Jono Hirst.

Voice, Marieange Bovell and Sebastien Paddington at Kes' album lime

Soca and Calypso's time is...

Appearing on a panel at the Island Music Conference in Jamaica last February alongside R&B Songstress, Mya; Dancehall star, Teejay and moderated by YouTube Music's Director, Tuma Basa, Dieffenthaller asserted that Soca music was on the right path and now.... ----]]]]-=====-->>>>>@)))>>>

Friday night vibes @ Moi. Click on image to follow @kesthebandofficial on IG. PHOTOS by Jono Hirst


@ ...just three months later, the "Miracle" singer is convinced that the world is not only ready for a sustained injection of Caribbean culture, but that it actually needs it also.


"I feel like we're in a very unique space and time where the world needs Soca and needs Calypso," said Dieffenthaller to reporters, before performing for a select audience of family and friends at the Moi Creative Space in Saint James, Port of Spain last Friday night.

"They need the vibration of where we come from, so if we have an opportunity now to deliver it to a wider audience, of course we gonna take it and make the most of it. 

Kees speaks to the media:

"The world has opened up in a different way and every music has its own significance, whether it becomes popular or not, but I feel like Soca and Calypso's time, our energy as Trinbagonians is now!" said Kees with unbridled confidence.

"I feel like now in a world full of division, in a world where wars are looming and everything seems like it's going crazy, we need reminders of our humanity and the elements in Soca and Calypso and this Caribbean island life embody that humanity and will serve as that reminder to all people."

VIDEO: Kees sings & speaks to the media... COVER IMAGE: Producers, 1st Klase and Michael "Tano" Montano take a photo with multi-talented artist, Jimmy October at Kes' Man With No Door lime

KES stays busy promoting the album & major upcoming events

Sharing reminders at Jamaica Carnival after a smashing IzWe Festival and Trinidad Carnival run, Kees flashed his mischievous smile and delivered the warmth and energy of Caribbean sunshine on the Tamron Hall show in the US, as a guest on Hot 97 FM in New York and the "WAY UP" with Angela Yee show, as well as performing at the Capella Music Festival in April alongside reggae icon and son of Bob Marley, Damian Marley. 

The band's prestigious Live Nation "Summerstage" booking in Central Park, NYC on June 8 was sold out in days and upcoming performances at Tampa Bay International Carnival on July 4 and the Sunfest Music Festival on Virginia Key Beach in Miami promise to add to the growing momentum and interest for Caribbean music, culture and products in the US market. 

Add their most recent collaboration with dancehall and pop megastar, Sean Paul which is the theme song for the upcoming ICC T20 Tournament happening across the Caribbean and the US and it's more than fair to say that the band is poised for major breakthroughs and even more acclaim and success.

"Out of this World"

"Out of this World, yeah man!" Dieffenthaller enthused.
"That was a real cool and honorable situation. I feel like cricket is a REAL world sport, yuh know what I mean? We talk about football, but cricket is a part of that league, where it's the world, yuh know. And a big part of it for me is that I want the East to be a part of what going on with with us in the West, you know, and to get the ears in India and Pakistan and Bangladesh and stuff - That's a dream of mine, you know, I grew up in the culture so this is a part of the things that I want to see happen.
"And of course, working with a legend like Sean Paul and I mean, not just a legend but a great guy." He added. "Like the man is one of the hardest working people, but also one of the most humble pop /Dancehall stars in the world. The team was amazing, the crew was great and then it's an awesome song also, so we had a great time and for the ICC to link it and for us to be able to represent the region and the sport and the culture all in one - big up to Tano, who rose to the challenge! All of these things came and we had to put it together and Tano really stepped up to the plate."

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Fans of both are thrilled that Kes and Sean Paul have finally teamed up for an amazing smash collaboration called, "Out Of This World". This song was commissioned by the ICC as the theme-song for the 2024 T20 World Cup Tournament scheduled for June 1 - 29, 2024. Click to see the music video now on YouTube! Photo: Jahsen Levy