Over sixty talented young citizens took to the stage last weekend to compete for spots in the semi-final round of the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service's "Youth On Stage" competition. 

Conceptualized and hosted by the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service (MYDNS) at NAPA and SAPA on Saturday and Sunday respectively, this initiative continues to identify and showcase talented individuals via community caravans happening almost every weekend since January.

The quarter final round featured non-stop action with regional and international accents in songs, comedic skits, dramatic pauses and glares, cheers, cat-calls, dance moves galore and over 60 young people competing for top honors, accolades and $150,000 in cash.

"Feeling good," said contestant, Jeroam Des Vignes after his performance at NAPA. "The crowd response was good. The energy was good. I felt it so I know once I feel it, the crowd would have felt it so it was good and I'm really happy to have this opportunity at this time - thanks to the Ministry for creating this avenue for us, win or lose, at least I can showcase my talent and share positive messages with my peers."

Host, "Akeem 5.0" Newton (at left) and Youth Development Coordinator, Ndale Young share a light moment onstage during the "Youth on Stage" quarter finals at NAPA last Saturday

Youth Development Coordinator, Ndale Young delivered the Vote of Thanks at NAPA and commended MYDNS Minister Foster Cummings and his team for supporting the initiative.

The MP for La Horquetta, Minister Cummings was present for the quarter finals at NAPA and spoke with the media during the intermission period.

Highlighting the word 'development' in his ministry's title as a key component of the program, Cummings saluted the talented young people participating in the competition along with their family, friends and supporters in attendance: ------->>>> 

Contestant Atiba Chance struts onstage at NAPA during the "Youth on Stage" Quarter Final round. Photos by Akil Pegus for OvertimeTT. Click to see full gallery!

Minister Cummings said:


"Via the Youth on Stage initiative, we have found a lot of young people with a lot of talent," Cummings declared. "Many of our current stars would have had some opportunity at some point to showcase their talent and we are providing the platform for that for the next generation, so we have gone to various communities across Trinidad and Tobago and now we're at the stage where the winners at the community level are getting to perform and compete in preparation for the finals. >

Singer, songwriter, performer and Social Media Manager, Jerome Des Vignes had the ladies screaming at NAPA during his performance for the "Youth on Stage" quarter final round last Saturday.

@ "This is an opportunity for us to identify those persons with talent who we're confident that we will see on the international stage in time to come - singers, dancers, Soca artistes, etc. We have been seeing such great talent thus far, we are sure that this effort is going to reap great rewards and results." Minister Cummings concluded.

20 finalist to join 7 GTs

From the quarter final pool of over 60 contestants, only 20 will be chosen to go forward into the semi-final round of the competition, where they will face-off against 7 acts already selected to advance from the initial community round.

These 27 finalists will then compete for the grand prize of $150,000.

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