In a vibrant fusion of Caribbean rhythms and UK jungle sounds, five incredible talents have come

together, uniting their musical talents to create an electrifying soca remix of summer heater ‘We Run The Area’ that celebrates unity, diversity, and the vibrant essence of carnival season!

Idris Elba, Toddla T, General Levy and Naomi Cowan have united to create a jumpy remix that celebrates

unity, diversity, and the essence of carnival season. Aptly titled 'We Run The Area’ - this summer anthem

showcases the brilliant collaboration between the renowned UK DJ's and multi-talented individuals, Idris

Elba and Toddla T, alongside the breakthrough reggae sensation from Jamaica, Naomi Cowan, and

legendary North Londoner and Trinidadian drum and bass veteran, General Levy.

A product of musical geniuses, Bunji Garlin and Jus Now gear up for Carnival immersing listeners in the

infectious remix that seamlessly blends Soca and Reggae. Crafted as an ode to unity and community, this

song invites everyone to join in the celebration, transcending borders and cultures to create an uplifting and unifying experience.

Hailing from Trinidad, Bunji Garlin's contribution to the track brings a rush of Soca vibes,

instantly transporting listeners to the colorful streets of Caribbean carnivals. Behind the scenes,

the production prowess of Trinidadian collective Jus Now shines through,

as they weave a seamless tapestry of beats and melodies.

Toddla T, producer of the smash hit “Boasty”, says: “Naomi and I were talking about a remix centered
around the Caribbean, not just Jamaica, but all the islands... and as carnival is pending in the UK, we
thought it was a no brainer. When it comes to Soca, Bunji is the viking, and I thought I'd hit my musical
brothers Jus Now, who’ve dropped some previous Soca bangers with Bunji. It's an absolute carnival
monster that will kick off any truck at Notting Hill and also resonate through the West Indies. Jheez!”

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