As some bands continue to scout around for tunes for the January leg of National Panorama 2024 preliminaries, former US-based writer, producer and entertainer, Curtis Marcellin released "Angels of Music" on the Julianspromo YouTube channel on December 4.

Angels of Music features former Road March winner, Sanell Dempster. Marcellin said Angels of Music pays homage to all T&T’s soca and calypso artistes that have transitioned.

  “The angels are still making sweet music in heaven because prior to, they were actually musical angels on earth. They’ve gone onto the great beyond; up in the clouds still flying the red, white and black” (red, black and white).

Curtis Marcellin

While the music video displays a sky-full of soca and calypso entertainers including musicians, referenced in the song are Denise Plummer, Black Stalin, Blaxx, Shadow, Brother Resistance, Joey Lewis, Mano Marcellin, Ken “Professor” Philmore, and De Fosto.

“The angels were once part of the greatest show on earth,” said Dempster, “but they have taken it to a next level. The angels of music, mashing up the place. Soca in a rage; heaven is the stage. Soca set the stage in heaven ablaze.” She said the angels’ soca is so infectious that it makes “St Peter wave and misbehave.”


In September, Dempster released Up and Up and Up in collaboration with former soca monarch winner Michelle Sylvester, and continues to record.

Angels of Music was written/composed and produced by Marcellin at Marcellin Recording Studio, recorded by Terrence Sealey and mastered by Martin “Mice” Raymond at Audio Magic Studio and background vocals were done by Sheldon Morales.

The late calypsonian Shadow and the late soca artiste Blaxx illustrated on the cover of the music video of the recently-released single Angels of Music written/produced by Curtis Marcellin, bottom left, featuring Sanell Dempster.