Rapso collective, 3canal has announced that 2024 is the last year for their popular J'ouvert band.

“The time is right for us to bring down the curtain and take one more bow,” said vocalist Wendell Manwarren. “We are taking one more chip, one more jam, one more session in service of the living ritual we have so proudly participated in year after year for the last 30 years.”

The J'ouvert adventure began in 1994 when Manwarren and Roger Roberts, along with artist Steve Ouditt formed a band called 3canal. At the time, Manwarren and Roberts were key members of the Callaloo Company, working closely with bandleader and designer Peter Minshall.

“Thirty years is a generation,” said Manwarren. “We have followers of all ages who have been loyal to us
over the years, but we’ve been looking at the evolution of Jourvert and believe this is a good time for us to end.”

The 3canal J'ouvert identity became forged with their musical identity in 1997 with their first song "Blue" with members Stanton Kewley and John Isaacs (now deceased). Blue was a runaway hit which spawned a massive band that cemented the 3canal J'ouvert experience.

The song that encapsulates the 2024 theme is Powder which was written by Jason “Shaft” Bishop and 3canal.

“The moment we heard Powder, we thought, this has vibes and energy. It immediately speaks to J'ouvert
energy, the imagery and the sound.” Manwarren added, “Powder is at the heart of one of the most potent
Trinidadian expressions, ‘yuh can’t play mas and fraid powder.”

It’s no surprise then, that 3canal has chosen the Dutty Sailor as their muse for this 30th anniversary

J'ouvert band. For their last hurrah, 3canal is inviting their fans and loyal supporters to jump on board the

sailor-themed band S.S. Bad Behaviour In Town.

“Sailor is one of the most vibrant, malleable and enduring mas forms we have,” Manwarren said.

As a treat for their loyal supporters, 3canal will launch the music video for Powder with a special edition

of the Backyard Jam at the Big Black Box on January 19 from 8pm. This video is produced and directed by

long-time collaborator Walt Lovelace.

Although this year’s J'ouvert band will be the last, the music for which 3canal has become internationally

famous will definitely continue.

The musical celebration continues with the 20th edition of the 3canal show, The 3canal Jammin’ Show on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th February at Queen’s Hall in St Anns.

The 3canal Jammin’ Show is the 20th edition of this popular Carnival staple which over the years has been staged at various venues like the Little Carib Theatre, Big Black Box and most recently Soundforge in 2023.

The return to Queen’s Hall is considered a homecoming for this concert.

For more information about The 3canal Jammin’ Show, the Backyard Jam and SS Bad Behaviour in Town, follow 3canal’s social media channels. On Facebook facebook.com/3canal and Instagram @3canaltt.

The 3canal Jammin’ Show

DATE: Sunday 4 and Monday 5 February

VENUE: Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s

TIME: 8pm

TICKETS – islandetickets.com and Queen’s Hall Box Office.


3canal is a Trinidadian band and leading proponent of rapso, a musical style which combines elements of

calypso, soca and rap. The group was formed in 1994 by visual artist Steve Ouditt and performing artists

Wendell Manwarren and Roger Roberts.

That year, their theme was based on white to symbolise their "virginal" debut. They started off with

approximately 50 people and eventually joined forces with Mudders International – another small

J'Ouvert band.

For the next three years they created and led their own Jourvert band in the Trinidad Carnival. They were

all called Jocks tuh Pose – Bring Yuh Drawers and Come.

In 1997, 3canal expanded to include Stanton Kewley and John Isaacs (now deceased), they recorded their

first song "Blue", the theme song for their J'ouvert band that year. Since then, 3canal has released numerous

albums from the late 1990s to the present, including a greatest hits collection that includes songs from

1997 to 2004.