Come Carnival Friday night, a decades-long reserved night for the International Soca Monarch final competition fete event in north Trinidad, called Fantastic Friday, is for the second year, not being hosted, but all is not lost for many of the artistes.


On the next night, Carnival Saturday, February 10, 2024, apart from one of the finalists being a prominent soca artiste, Kernal Roberts (son of the Grand Master; late calypso icon, Lord Kitchener), major soca acts will guest at the history-making Chutney Soca Monarch (CSM) Grand Finale, to be held in south Trinidad at Skinner Park at 8pm.

Defending Chutney Soca Monarch "Daddy Chinee"

Last year when the soca artistes were plunged into disappointment and cultural grief, founder and executive producer/director of CSM, George Singh, said he felt hurt, and would think about how they can still have a platform apart from fetes, to enjoy and showcase their craft. Singh said this year’s CSM finals is quite the history-maker, as it's not often you get to see five CSM 'Kings' on one stage, in one night, at one show, in addition to, it’s the first time there has been so many female finalists, more so, exactly half comprising the final list. The females would be vying for both Chutney Soca Monarch and Queen of Chutney Soca titles.

Looked at as a gift of cultural entertainment to the public and a family reunion of sorts, the free-admission event is a dress-white, fete-like occasion, where no coolers, drinks, or illegal activities will be allowed.


The event also entails a VIP arena.


The five Kings are Ravi B and Karma, Nishard M, Rooplal G, Neval Chatelal as guest entertainers, and defending Monarch Daddy Chinee.

DJ Anna and Simmo, Yung Bredda, Pimpin’, and RG and The Band, are also scheduled to entertain.


As stated in a Southex release: the Grand Finale would be hosted by international social media influencer Carla Henry of Colorado, USA; Big Rich, and live-stream TV host of T&T-lineage, but Canadian-native Vashti Doorga. 


CSM is made possible by ieTV, BOOM 94, LIT 102.3, Power 102 Digital, West Indian Chutney Music, Masala Entertainment, Paria Suites, B Mobile, Blue Waters, Stamina Energy, Tourism Trinidad Limited, Caribbean Airline, the National Carnival Commission of T&T Limited and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and The Arts.

Coming up against Daddy Chinee are:


·      Rehanah Gopaul

·      D Songstar Sangeeta

·      Rawythee Ramroop

·      Shazzie Ramsumair

·      Vanessa Ramoutar

·      Kavita Ramkissoon

·      Nigel Gobin

·      Adesh Samaroo

·      Rick Ramoutar

·      Kernal Roberts

·      Neeshad Sultan


For VIP tickets or further information, please message: 789.3874.