Trini-native candidate of Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) in the Health Education programme at Loma Linda University (LLU), California, USA, Sasha Bernard, 30, has set her mind on becoming an exemplar in her profession and graduating in June of this year. For her current doctoral research project which is a “mixed-method study,” she would be gathering/procuring qualitative data by way of focus groups across T&T.

   The project is intended to afford US-based Sasha a greater understanding of and deeper insight into the individual perception of older adults, as it pertains to the ageing experience in T&T.

  “I believe the results of this study would highlight some of the physical, mental, and social resources needed to facilitate healthy ageing in our sweet twin isle, allowing us to better respond to the challenges or issues that may exist in ageing," expressed Sasha.

   The project targets T&T-based employed or retired residents between 60-85; does not cater to anyone that shows any signs of cognitive impairment; and offers an incentive of a free $50 Massy Gift Card.

   Groups of eight people each would engage in 40-60-minute, face-to-face discussions, and will specifically concentrate on their ageing experience.

   Registration is online; anonymous, but data will be recorded.

Sasha Bernard. Click on image to Register!

East sessions: Arima at the Community Centre, February 18, 11am-2pm; central: Chaguanas Community Centre, February 18, 3-4pm; west: Diego Martin Community Centre, February 18, 5:30-6:30pm; south: Pleasantville Community Centre, February 19, 10-11am; and Tobago: University of Southern Caribbean (USC), February 19, 3-4pm.

   Refreshments will be available.


Sasha Bernard is an accomplished Public Health Specialist with a passion for promoting health and wellbeing; has gained extensive experience in planning and executing various activities collaborating with KOLs and global teams, and delivering unbiased and fact-based health and nutrition information to the public. She’s spearheaded successful campaigns, conducted engaging presentations and seminars, and drafted guidelines that ensure readiness in the face of emerging public health threats, owing to her expertise in program planning, health education and evaluation.

   The Public Health masters-degree holder in Global Health, and student Doctor of Public Health in Health Education addresses various health challenges faced by individuals and communities. Her research interests include, but are not limited to non-communicable diseases, healthy ageing, and Caribbean health. She enjoys working with all populations, specifically children and elderly, and her calibre of leadership skills and experience in event management propelled her to become founder/director of the T&T-based NGO, Bridges to the Heart.

   Sasha said she takes pride in being a professional that thrives on making a positive impact in the field of public health.

   Sasha Bernard is licensed/certified in CITI’s GCP Social and Behavioural Research Best Practices for Clinical Research (2025), and CITI’s Research Conflict of Interest (2027), and among her experiences are Public Health Disaster Coordinator, Nutrition, Health and Wellness (NHW) Analyst, and currently, Health Education Specialist.




For further information:

Via WhatsApp platform, only: 1 (868) 743.3888.