When during the first week of September, US-based Noel McClean threw out the bait to the Woodbrook Secondary class of ’72 WhatsApp group, that the mates should meet for an evening of love and catching-up, the mates quickly bit with approval and interest of where; in which country, as at times, the foreign-based mates are in T&T, and vice-versa.

Noel said his message sprung from an original simple question that was posed by mate and founder/administrator of the group, Beverly, who is in the US on vacation/work: “Can we get some friends together?”


Collaboration began; official invitation circulated: Eat, Drink, Re-unite: Class of ‘72, Gather the Gang September 17, (at) Pich Restaurant, 774 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11226, and indeed, some mates plus family/relatives, gathered.

  Kent and wife Cynthia, Noel, Stephen, Roger, Joy, Karen and daughter Kelsee, Beverly and sister Joanne, Annmarie, and Ursaline, ate, drank, reunited, embraced, chatted.

WSS class of '72 WhatsApp US-based group members: Annmarie, left and Stephen, and Joy, right, Roger, Karen, Beverly and Kent, and guests wait on other mates to start the NY-based reunion on September 17, 2023.

  The success of the evening came from great sacrifices and tight cooperation that included in part, Kent organizing the meeting place; Roger, three days after eye surgery, starting his driving journey from 4am to reach on time and drove all the way back; others journeying from afar as well; and despite Annmarie and Ursaline having had family commitments, they showing up. The sprinkling of love transmitted even after, when some mates were dropped back home, safe and sound.  

Ursaline was said to have been “the life of the event” as also evident from a short video clip. She came in swinging, dancing, warm and bubbly. The original 5pm-start time was hindered for the NYC mates owing to unexpected traffic that arose from the US president’s presence in the city.

While enjoying the sumptuous menu, dessert and diverse libation, school days, family, life in Trinidad compared to America, politics and the out-of-control crime rate in Trinidad, Joy’s husband – class of ’73 Dennis Francis – his ascension to his position at the U.N., and other interesting topics, were checked off the conversation board.

The past pupils had much to celebrate, though in a simple way, and have much to be proud of this year. Apart from the first Trini president of UNGA (78th session) being a past pupil - sworn in on September 5 - the school gained 89 percent in CXC passes, and on September 11, a class of '94 was sworn in as an Independent Senator - 2018 Calypso Monarch Helon Francis.

They are also proud that a class of '92 is the first female captain from 2011 to present, of the reigning national large band Panorama champion; only large band hat trick-holder (1995-1997); only band to have toured the majority of countries; and only band whose junior band holds record of two national junior Panorama beaver tricks, and three hat tricks: Candice Andrews-Brumant.

Roger, right, Karen, Beverly and Kent, and Annmarie, left, Joanne and Stephen, dine at the WSS Class of '72 US-based reunion held on September 17, 2023.




Good Evening mates, hope everyone is safe and well. Wow!!!! What beautiful photos of the matés gathering in New York.

I am sorry I missed it. I would have been there if I had gotten the message a few days earlier. Let’s do it again soon. Let us pick the city and date and keep this together alive. All the women in the group photos looked so beautiful. I remember you all in your adolescent years, turning the hot teenager boys’ heads. Now in your 60’s and you are still turning heads. I am truly honored to be associated with this esteemed group. Have a wonderful and blessed evening. Much love to all! Chris.

Joy: “Thank God everyone reached home safely. It was so good seeing you all. We have to cherish these moments. Bev and Joanne, a safe journey back home.”


Keston: “Ursaline, you were ‘The Life of the Event’…brought life to our reunion. Hope we can do This more Often, and at Different Cities for those who live in different States!!”


Noel: “We had a great time, and are looking forward to doing it again, probably next summer. An evening well spent!”


Roger: “Good morning! The Old ones are still the best. Old jeans, old boots, old friends, old tunes, old times. It was so wonderful to see you all after so many years. Thanks for the new memories. I’ll cherish the day. God bless! Goodspeed!”


Stephen: After the event, at 10:58pm, “I hope everyone reached home safely or will reach home safe,” while next morning, “It was truly an enjoyable and wonderful time.” Stephen took Karen and her daughter home, and came back and took Ursaline to Queens after. 


Ursaline: “Just made my night! We have to do it again. This was such an absolutely wonderful time. It was amazing seeing you all and some new family faces. Sorry I missed Annmarie, though…maybe next time. Thanks to Stephen for taking Karen and her daughter home, and he came all the way to Queens to take me home too… I'm very grateful. Be safe everyone…love always.”


T&T-based mates reaction to the pictures


Annette: Beautiful!

Bernadette: Wow! Beautiful indeed; lovely folks. You guys and gals look great.

Jacqueline: Nice pics. Sorry I couldn’t join you all.

Marcus: Hey, really miss you guys. Nice seeing you all.

Terrence: Nice pictures. Someday we all will be together. I love my family of ’72. Yall look good.