Eighteen women of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Band and Steel Orchestra, respectively, united to honour their female seniors, colleagues, and female civilians locally and internationally, via a music video titled, Woman: Strength and Resilience.

   The masterpiece was produced two years ago (2022) under directorship of ASP Guerra/Supt. Nimblette with the project handed to, undertaken and coordinated by 13601 Ag W/Sgt Bernard-Phillips.

   Bernard-Phillips apprised that while there’s never been an official female police band, the overarching band is that big and carries such a huge cadre of females, a female band was easily formed. Conducted by Bernard-Phillips, the 18 officers including two-time and reigning Protective Arms Calypso Monarch winner 2024, 17200 W/Cpl Henry, offered a musical interlude. Vocalists were 17657 WPC Nurse, 19397 WPC Jack and 19986 WPC Dyer.

   The repertoire entailed four renditions: opening tune I Am Woman in two genres, I Am Every Woman, and headline tune Woman Is Boss.

Chief coordinator of the combined T&T Police Band and Steel Orchestra's female musicians IWD 2022 video, "Woman: Strength and Resilience", and conductor of the band, 13601 Ag W/Sgt Bernard-Phillips, seated centre with her team of musicians. Reigning Protective Armed Forces Calypso Monarch 2024, 17200 W/Cpl Henry is seated at front second left.

13601 Ag W/Sgt Bernard-Phillips conducting the band in the video.

19986 WPC Dyer headliner solo act during the band's rendition of Woman Is Boss.

Opening act 17657 WPC Nurse, singing I Am Woman.

A passionate Nurse sang I Am Woman that ushered in Dyer’s Spoken Word version, which deeply emphasized Woman.



“Woman is usually taken for granted, but she’s actually the foundation that holds families together; worthy of love; possesses the wisdom that helps shape each generation. She’s the mother to the young, old, and indifferent; needed in high authority; and stands side by side with the strong. She’s an anchor that holds each ship sturdy – companionship, leadership, relationship and/or friendship – and as a nurturer by birth, she empowers. She’s boss!”


I Am Every Woman was then belted out by a spirited Jack. This gave way to the band’s delivery of Woman is Boss that included solos on the tenor and second pans, trombone, lead guitar, keyboard, and trumpet. Dyer headlined the solos.

Reigning Protective Armed Forces Calypso Monarch 2024, W/Cpl Henry doing a solo during the band's rendition of Woman Is Boss.

Also performing in the video, which was done in the band room by the TTPS Audio and Visual Unit, were WPCs: 18971 Edwards, 17209 Alverez, 19929 James, 19986 Dyer, 14732 Rivers, 18974 Richardson, 17452 Solomon, 19928 Richardson, 17657 Nurse, 19336 Douglas-Noel, 6681 Baptiste, 9152 Walcott and 5637 Granderson; W/Cpl 17676 Telemaque; and W/Apprentice Riley.

Woman: Strength and Resilience - Trinidad and Tobago Police Band

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Band:

The TTP Band was established in 1869 to perform at official functions such as calypso shows, concerts, ceremonial openings and parades. Some of its beneficiaries are schools, communities and/or churches.

  The band seeks “to foster a common bond between the police service and the public, by reaching out as educators, advisors, and entertainers through the medium of music.”

  The inclusion of women was always said to be an interest for the band. In 1993, B Flat Clarinet player Susan Quamie became the very-first female instrumentalist under then-Superintendent Rodrick Urquhart (1991-’97), while today on social media, the band is shared thousands of times putting on great displays internationally.

  Bernard-Phillips said, when this video was released, it drew a lot of attention, including from the British Virgin Island.

  Among other events, the TTP band comes in for high praise during the Independence Day Parade for their rich music, and as Bernard-Phillips humbly asserted, “It’s always an honour to see people’s faces light up when the band performs.”