The rich colour, splendour and energy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) will be on full display at the 2024 Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) Carnival festivities, as a cultural contingent from SVG consisting of members of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) along with other stakeholders, will be in T&T, as customary, to promote the upcoming summer festival known as Vincymas dubbed The Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean.

Overseen by a 16-man Board chaired by Ricardo Adams, the CDC’s Marketing Coordinator is Karen Veira and Marketing and Development Officer is Esworth “Ezzy” Roberts, but the two visiting representatives for Vincymas are Ezzy and the President of Youlou Pan Movement, Rodney Small.

Ezzy and Small will showcase the uniqueness of the island destination’s distinct Carnival culture as well as its other tourism, nature and adventure attributes, at several interviews and media appearances during T&T’s 2024 Carnival week.

  The contingent will also be working through key event activations including participation at the Vincentian premium all-inclusive Brunch and Soca – a collaboration of Skinny Fabulous and Yung Hova Marketing Group – which takes place on T&T’s Carnival Sunday, February 11.

Guests at Brunch and Soca will gain the opportunity to pose for photos with the Vincy Mas brand ambassadors and various Vincymas branded fete-related paraphernalia.

Most notably, during the T&T Carnival parade, CDC officials will set-up a branded Vincymas booth on the famous entertainment strip, Ariapita Avenue. The booth’s high visibility at this high-traffic location will give the CDC team a strategic opportunity to effectively market the upcoming SVG Carnival to several masqueraders, tourists as well as local international Carnival enthusiasts.

  During these various promotional efforts and brand activations, eager individuals will be able to interact with CDC officials and utilize technology to connect to the festival’s official website and social media pages in order to find out more about Carnival in SVG. Vincymas celebrations are set for June 28 to July 9, 2024, and the team said they feel honored to gain insight and ramped-up experience from The Greatest Show on Earth, Trinidad’s Carnival.

T&T Carnival's theme this year is: Carnival…Come Back Home, and we're proud to offer the world Soca, Pan, Calypso, Beauty Pageant, Ragga Soca, and Mas, with some privately-hosted events.

 Competitions are layered as Miss SVG Carnival Queen 2024, Dimanche Gras, Soca Monarch, Ragga Soca EVO, Steel and Glitter, Junior Soca, Calypso, Junior Panorama, and the widespread Parade of Bands.

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or call: 1.78.531.6969.

SVG CDC's Marketing and Development Officer Esworth "Ezzy" Roberts.

Revellers of Vincymas 2023.

President of the Youlou Pan Movement, SVG, Rodney Small