Nigel R Telesford

Xodus Carnival retained its title as the ‘Biggest Band in Jamaica'' showcasing a healthy-sized throng of revellers on the road at the recently-concluded Jamaica Carnival "Road March" celebrations. Taking over the streets of Kingston as they marched alongside Hennessy-branded drink trucks, with music trucks blasting the hottest Soca and Dancehall songs - providing the soundtrack for colorful splashes of Carnival costumes glistening in the light amidst a flowing celebration - a cascading sea of mobile revelry.  

With the most versatile DJs keeping the music going, revelers enjoyed ‘wukking’ up a storm, running, jumping, wining and applying the latest dances to the hits of the day in the heat of the day. The 32-degree-Celcius heat threatened to boil the "Road March" massive on mas parade day, but Xodus Carnival armed the collective with bottomless cups of cold cooling cocktails and mixes from the most efficient, friendly and talented bartenders and mixologists.

Navigating it's way through the corporate area, Xodus made sure to scheduled brief and lengthy Xperience stops at TGI Fridays and along the colorful Campari Boulevard (BLVD), where Soca and Dancehall recording and performing acts such as Shenseea, 9ine, GBM Nutron and Voice (amongst others) all made special appearances throughout the day - thus, resulting in gyrating waists and faces brightened with pure joy, freedom and ecstacy.

Xodus masqueraders on the road in Kingston

Xodus Carnival’s CEO, Pierre Goubault was also in high spirits - expressing his pleasure with the turnout and the production:

“It's an overwhelming feeling seeing all the work we’ve put in over the past 12 months come to fruition. The support received far exceeded our expectations." He declared. "Seeing all the smiles, the merriment and the genuine satisfaction from our Xodus family makes all the sleepless nights, worth it.”

Xodus Carnival recorded a whopping number of over 5000 revellers who registered and jumped with the band on Sunday. This, the band says is “a testament to the work put in to have such a large turnout". Goubault explained:

"It also speaks to the meticulous planning and execution in organizing the most memorable, enjoyable fetes throughout the season. The vibe we brought and maintained from the band launch straight up to Carnival week, played a big part in the number of revellers we attracted this year, undoubtedly our biggest year to date.” 

Ensuring revellers’ comfort throughout the day, the band provided delectable lunch options for its masqueraders, as well as makeup and massage stations. 

Xodus Carnival expressed its gratitude to and for all sponsors and partners who contributed to the success of the season, and most especially the fun celebration "xperienced" on Road March day. Next stop for Xodus Carnival is CayMas where the band will "Fete to the Beat" with Renegade Mas.

A gorgeous Xodus masquerader blows our lensman a kiss during the action at Jamaica Carnival 2024