"How We Roll"

- Ciara featuring Chris Brown, Produced by Kasey Phillips

That's right, folks! That infectious new jam, "How We Roll" from Ciara featuring Chris Brown was produced by T&T's very own, Kasey Phillips. One of several tracks made by the San Fernando-born talent for Ciara's new EP, the song is currently scorching UP the charts and seems destined for greatness.

If you didn't know, Kasey Phillips is a Trinidad-born Los Angeles based music producer creating ripples of influence. With a longstanding history as the mastermind behind his company, Precision Productions, Phillips made a name for himself as a coveted producer at the helm of Trinidad's leading music production company. Now, he's shaking up the US music scene with his outstanding work on Ciara's newest EP, Ci Ci

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Precision Productions’ strategic expansion into the mainstream urban markets marks a significant milestone in the company's illustrious journey. With a track record of dominating the Soca and Caribbean music scene and earning numerous prestigious awards and titles, this progression into the urban music sphere was the natural and inevitable evolution for the pioneering production house.


Kasey Phillips, the visionary behind Precision Productions, shares his excitement about this new chapter,

"We've enjoyed incredible success and growth within the Soca and Caribbean space, and now it’s time to take on new challenges and explore fresh opportunities in the mainstream urban markets. My dear friend, Theron Thomas has been pivotal in opening these doors and working on these tracks and Ciara’s EP has been nothing short of a life-changing experience." 


As the son of acclaimed producer Kenny Phillips, Kasey Phillips has always been surrounded by music and aspired to achieve great things. He produced his first track at the tender age of ten years old and has been unstoppable ever since. Precision Productions has brought Caribbean voices to the surface as the number one production company in Trinidad, and for Phillips, this new chapter underscores his distinguished standing in the industry.

Kasey on Ci Ci

On August 2, 2023, Ciara announced the single "How We Roll", in collaboration with Chris Brown and on August 4, she announced the release of her EP, CiCi.

"How We Roll" marks the second collaboration for the two artists and debuted at

  • No. #9 on the US Hot R&B Songs (Billboard) Chart,
  • No. 21 on the UK Official Singles Download Chart
  • No. #24 on Billboard's US Digital Song Sales Chart and
  • No. #2 on New Zealand's Hot Singles' Chart.

Production by Kasey Phillips (Precision Productions) on Ciara's Ci Ci EP includes:


  • "How We Roll" ft. Chris Brown
  • "Type of Party"
  • "Forever" ft. Lil Baby
  • "2 In Luv"
  • "Winning" ft. Big Freedia

Click to LISTEN to Ciara's EP, Ci Ci

About Kasey Phillips

Born into the studio of the legendary producer Kenny Phillips, Kasey Phillips developed his craft from a young age. After producing his first track at ten years old, Kasey built a name for himself in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago before landing an internship in Los Angeles, CA, that expanded his musical reach and vision.


Moving to Los Angeles showed him the possibilities of carrying out his passion for bringing Soca and Caribbean music to the world. He’s built up his company, Precision Productions, as the top production company in Trinidad and has broken into the U.S. market as a producer on Ciara’s latest EP, “How We Roll".


Kasey has been honored for his talents with awards such as the Soul Train Music Award for Best International Performance and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Emerging Sub Category, and obtaining an invitation to the Grammy Nomination Committee.


Currently, Kasey resides in LA, where he continues to gain inspiration from the energy of Southern California as he simultaneously expands his cultural sound into the mainstream of musical influence.

Kasey Phillips of Precision Productions

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