“The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised” (Job 1:21 NIV.), and the world got to learn that on November 8, 1953, the Lord gave it one of the most powerful gifts in the name of Denyse Plummer, and on August 27, 2023, took it away. The gift left behind a trail of sublime templates when she became a soul.

   Celebrated as Denyse Plummer-Boocock on September 6 in her native country, Trinidad, the world tuned in to the cultural production after her sons, Jesse and Robert Boocock’s eulogies, whose tenors were much deeper than words simply read. They were empowering masterpieces.

   Many tributes and related news reports suggested that her life – the woman; her evolution, should be registered in schools or libraries; this, for all intelligent reasons.

   Her elder child, Jesse, remains appreciative of everyone and any organization that assisted the family in any shape, way or form leading up to and during her celebration of life, and the family is appreciative of all the additional love they received subsequently.

Denyse the faithful soul, was love brand:

Jesse remembered his mom as a remarkable woman; a woman of honesty and integrity, class and elegance, family and God. She was kind as she was talented; able to connect with anyone anywhere, and commanded any room. She kept close with her siblings Arlene, Belinda and Peter, and her parents Barbara and Buntin. The Plummers were an integral part of the children’s upbringing, and they will always be thankful for that. Denyse had her mother’s lack of tolerance for nonsense and her father’s soft, sweet affection, not just for people but also for animals. To say that we were blessed with wonderful parents, would be an understatement.

   Jesse specifically thanked his dad for his unwavering support and love for Denyse, citing his dedication and love for her and his sibling are not something lost on his brother Robbie (Robert) and himself.

   He said while the rest of the world knew her as something else, the children knew her as mom, and despite her extensive work and travels, she made time for her kids’ homework, and ensured all was well with everyone, which was carried throughout their adult lives; she constantly checked in.

Jesse said it seemed as though his mom wasn’t only intent on being the best calypsonian she could be, but also the world’s greatest mom. Even before she gave her life fully to God, there was a godliness about her, Jessie revealed. Her brand was love! It’s what she represented.

She enjoyed making people feel special.

   Referencing his mom’s distasteful experience at Calypso Fiesta, Skinner Park, he said don’t think it was dumb luck after a few rolls of toilet paper that got her to the top of her game. She was a hard worker and loved what she did, and she loved her country. Denyse sought inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr. and Princess Diana. She loved Celine Dion and Elvis Presley, and was a sucker for country music and old love songs.

   Jesse said he and his mom used to cuddle and listen to soft Gospel music in her last days, and she was happy that she got to meet her first grand-daughter, Juliana.

He also spoke of her book and Foundation.

Denyse's elder son Jesse Boocock reads his eulogy during her celebration of life on September 6, 2023.

The faithful soul was one of a kind:

Robert, second and younger son, captured his mom as having been deep and passionate, and the most vibrant and animated woman he’s ever seen. He recalled her having faced many trials and tribulations, and came out with a smile. He found her to be truly one of a kind. He also showed appreciation but from a different angle. He thanked T&T for creating the spectacle of a woman that was Denyse Plummer, who was very down-to-earth and a spirit carved out of this fabric of nation.

Her music was without prejudice, adversity or discrimination, he said.

   Robert also harkened back to his mom’s unpleasant early-Skinner Park experiences as blessings, and actually a catalyst for her renewed passion of fire for life. Among other beautiful aspects, Robert referred to his mom's service as everyone coming together to celebrate someone the public called a queen, who was ‘his’ queen. The queen specifically requested Queen’s Hall for her celebration of life. It was a space where she performed many times up to her last performance, Thankful, and it was also a place where she received many awards.

She had a passion for the less fortunate, looking out for their well-being; always had other people in good mind; looked up to Mother Teresa.

Denyse's younger son Robert Boocock delivers his eulogy during her celebration of life on September 6, 2023.

Denyse, soul extraordinaire:

“Her journey through cancer was nothing short of inspiring,” he stated. She never wavered in her faith. She was always brave, matter of fact. ‘Chin-up guys, I’ve had the best life anyone could ask for. Don’t worry about me,’ she used to say.

Wanting them to be as strong as she was, she “regularly” told them, ‘Cry if you have to; get it out! Then get over it, because life has to go on. I don’t want you to sit down there crying, thinking about me after I’m gone. I’ve been here! I taught you what you’ll need to know. Go on with your lives and take the lessons I’ve taught you.’


Pulling it all together, the overarching message Robert said he’s leaving was: You’re never too old to learn from your mom.


  The faithful departed left earth a special gospel singer, but also a 10-time calypso queen who truly embodied two of her many stellar compositions, "Nah Leaving", that contains a line reflective of the loyalty she had to T&T: “Is here where conceive me; is here ah gone dead,” and La Trinity: “Look in the mirror, tell me what you see. A beautiful child of La Trinity.”


Denyse is resting peacefully as a beautiful soul serenading the heavens.

Her Foundation: The Denyse Plummer Foundation is entrusted to her sons, said Jesse, and beautiful things are happening

Her book, The Cross Over: Jesse said when his mom gave her life to Jesus, it was an inspiration to him and an eye-opener to her close family. The book shares very intimate details about her life. She said she chronicled her life in the hope that it may help others along the way.

Happy All Saints, All Souls:

The Plummer and Boocock families extend happy All Saints and All Souls to those who have lost loved ones; who are resting peacefully and unblemished in the bosom of the Lord, but who continue to be with their loved ones on this side in unique ways.