Caleb Noah John completed his first year as an adult earlier this year having turned 19 on February 9, but not by his own volition, the road prior was not an easy one for him psychologically and emotionally, yet he stood resilient, positive and confident.

  A born, bred American to Dominican mom, Anna Martinez-John and Trinidadian dad, Christopher John, Caleb grew to realise, everyone that looks like him will not be in every space he is in. He’s said to have actually been the only person of colour – the darkest melanin – quite regularly in many places, but at pre-teen, he didn’t seem bothered; didn’t know what to be bothered was until he began to feel discomforted from other children’s words, actions or inactions.

  He eventually began to report to his parents, who addressed his complaints as best they could have.

  While they tried to soothe him, no one but God and Caleb knew he had his own strategies to make himself feel better. He survived elementary school as a straight-A, disciplined student and a very reliable basketballer and footballer (#3), having entered those worlds from also being a great swimmer, table tennis player, soccer player, and martial artist described as ‘The Child Prodigy’.  

caleb john child prodigy

While all eyes were on him, his eyes were on every last pain he felt and the tormentors.

   Caleb loved attending church, and in his own way, deduced content which he found could have helped him and helped him help others. Throughout high school, he drew upon a stronger belief in, and affinity with God and his parents’ love.

He claims his dad to be his rock, who always told him to always do his best, and God will do the rest. Continue in the path that God has chosen for you. His mom's words strengthened him too. He believed a genuine relationship with God and being positive and brave, would help him, so then-early-teen Caleb did what was referred to by many adults as the unthinkable. It was a strategy that had the same objective as the famous tune, We Are the World. He decided, as the song urges, to “make a much brighter day for you and for me.”


Caleb wanted to help make a much brighter day for his peers and himself and started the course. 

Caleb on course for Masters Degree!

Unbeknownst to his parents, teachers, basketball coach, and other adults, he penned a letter which he eventually read to his peers, addressing the issues that hurt him. Overall, the peers learned that they all cannot be on the same team as brothers and sisters working towards common goals – getting good grades, becoming better people and champions – but because one looks different, that one is subject to being hurt. “That’s not love!” Caleb, the team’s top scorer, told them. 


Things improved! Just upon exiting high school, Caleb created further harmony. 

   For an event, he gathered some of his peers, choreographed and trained them to dance to, and sing one of Michael Jackson’s other hits, Thriller. He said he also drew strength from the lyrics, “fighting the killer inside you,” and his killer was a type of pain.


Caleb worked through all adversity and came out on the other side a stellar exemplar of and for youth.

   His approaches to coping, resolving and preventing conflicts are said to be those that all parents should adopt. He’s also said to be a product that parents look at, as similar to those they are attracted to on supermarket shelves to purchase, no matter the investment.

   As child-development professionals say: a child/product is as good as their parent/s’ investment, which is much more than being a cash cow. They also strongly advise that parents must invest quality/productive time in their children.

   On May 20, 2022, Caleb graduated from high school as Homecoming King, and on August 6, 2022, entered Truett McConnell University (TMU) as a freshman, with his academic pursuit having been to major in Biblical Studies. He received a Basketball scholarship.

   He entered with an overarching goal: to represent the institution, well, in the classroom, in the Chapel and on the Basketball Court. His dad’s parting words after the registration and orientation session were:

“I pray for God’s blessings, grace, mercy and protection over you, and the enlargement of your territory. Stay safe, healthy and blessed.”

Caleb’s mom fully supports, and could also be seen right by his side.

After a very powerful, comfortable and gratifying year succeeding his goal and surviving a vehicular accident that totaled his first car, Caleb exited in June of this year. He maintained straight-A’s amassing six, with an accumulative GPA: 4.0, despite having been active on two basketball teams and preaching the Gospel on Sundays.

   Automatically placed on the Presidential Award list, he was described by the university’s Professor of Christian Studies, The Balthazar Hubmaier School of Theology & Missions, Dr Eddie O’Brien, as one of the brightest young students he has ever had the privilege to teach in many years on campus. Because of Caleb’s unwavering success in creating peace and harmony, spreading the ‘word’, and remaining at the top co-curricularly and academically, he was offered the university’s yearly Presidential Scholarship by the president, who found him to have “a passionate heart for the Lord and a powerful gift of communicating from the Lord.”

   Caleb acknowledged, being humbled and honored for the scholarship, and that his time at the TMU has been one of the formative and meaningful catalysts that invigorated his walk with Christ. Caleb continued to thrive unfazed by any negativity, trying to bring more love and harmony into the world, especially among young people, so that they will ultimately develop into kind-hearted adults.


On August 9, 2023, a letter signed by the vice president for Academic Services (TMU), Dr. Brad Reynolds, congratulated Caleb and notified him that his name was included on the Dean’s List for Summer semester 2023. In part, it advised,

“Your achievement distinguishes you as an individual committed to academic excellence…. The institution honors you and is proud of your relationship to us as a distinguished student. We wish you much success as you accomplish your life’s goals…”.

Referred to as an unflinching beacon by many, Caleb also received congratulations from the president of TMU, Dr. Emir Caner, on being named to the President’s Club.

“This signifies that you completed your studies with ‘4.0’ average and places you in a very prestigious group. The Truett McConnell University family congratulates you on this honor and wishes you the best as you continue your college endeavors.”

Generally known to be still a kid at heart who loves spending time with his parents, with no qualms, Caleb’s priority to deeply help others, is set high. For this summer, Caleb – last of his siblings – attended summer school and targeted 15 credits/five classes; is working with Scott Dawson Evangelical Association in Alabama; designing programs for youth ministries and is continuing on his upward trend with God and his parents at his side.

   Like a true stately, award-winning well-trained Pitbull, from August 18, Caleb started his journey at Samford University in Homewood Alabama. Admiring the new campus ground, and his son, and wife – Caleb’s mom – unpack the cars to settle-in Caleb, dad Chris said a prayer thanking God, and wished Caleb all the best in whatever pathway God sets him on, on this leg of his life.

   As responsible parents, they checked out the dorm, whose door was labeled in part: Admit 1 Caleb, where the separation hugs and loving words were exchanged.


Caleb Noah John is now on course to pursue his Masters in Divinity (MDiv) degree.