Reigning: Easter Bonnet Queen 2023,

2024 Carnival National Girls 11-17 Individual Queen and Marabella Kiddies Carnival Individual Queen; a master tenor player; a master baker; and as of the 9, an A+ beginner kick-boxer earning 100% in each of the five modules.

She's very bothered by student indiscipline, hence her favorite subject being Social Studies. Her teacher said she's very quiet and helpful; concerned about students' well-being; is always helping students work through whatever is troubling them; and he marvels at how she easily manages all her activities: school, pan, modeling, playing Mas, martial arts, music literacy, netball, and culinary art.

She loves culture. Her father said he would do everything legally to help her fulfill her dreams, and both he and her mom are by her side throughout. 



Celine Shania Aliyah Hospedales, 13, said she realises how important it is to be kind and loving, to engage in good activities, and be a good example no matter your physical appearance, if your grades are not satisfactory, if you didn’t win a competition, or even how hard life may be. 

  The Form 2:2 student of San Fernando Central Secondary School (ModSec) under Form teacher Ricardo Joseph, said she loves school a lot, modelling, and culture/music, sport, mas, culinary arts.

  Celine said she understands culture to be the way of a people, and would like to always contribute towards creating good culture and good societies, that’s why her favourite subject is Social Studies.

  The daughter of Roxanne and Jason Hospedales, is sister to Jameel Pope, 22 and Aden Hospedales, five.

  Celine’s parents said they realise she’s an all-rounder, a very ambitious, endearing and creative person who loves to entertain and celebrate. Her favourite time of year is Carnival season, her first love is pan. She played at a few carnival-related events, and also voluntarily directed and produced her own cover of a video of Zachary Ransome’s soca tune, Rankatang.

Celine modeling during a fundraiser before performing

 “Celine performs at different events during the year. Every appearance is a fashion statement, and she has literally lived the pan-evolution experience,” stated her mom.

  “When she was four, she continuously knocked her grandma’s kitchen utensils and created her own music. Her instruments were bowls and pots. While attending the Bien Venue Presbyterian Preschool and saw students playing pan, she told me: ‘Mom, I want to play those pots.’
 “Celine eventually got her opportunity to play the actual instrument and self-imposed the stage name Steelpan Queen.”


Celine’s mom, a confectioner, founder and owner of Sugar Rush & Candies, also said, Celine’s then-pan tutor, Mr. Henry, left an indelible impact on Celine, which shaped her into being an excellent tenor player today. In the pipeline, she’s booked to perform at Best Village and at the Rotary Club of Penal Mother’s Day Award Function.

  Pertaining to Mas-playing, she said Celine had a good inaugural experience last year. Among other titles, she won Most Outstanding Individual, and this year as Miss World 1986, Giselle La Ronde, at Marabella Kiddies Carnival she emerged 1st, in the National Girls 11-17 Fantasy: 1st, and Junior Individual of the Year: 10th.

Celine performing at the John Cupid Carnival Village Youth Extravaganza this year, 2024.

  Celine’s mom said Celine as an all-rounder is also a model, is learning music literacy, netball and kick-boxing.

   Quite recently, she participated in her school’s sport, in part, as a cheerleader, and as a martial arts’ student of sensei Sifu Shane Murrell, she received a certificate for having achieved A-plus in all five modules of the Dragon Ryu System.

   Celine is said to love modeling from head to toe. Apart from her special gowns, she adores headwear. Last year Easter, her bonnet won at the Easter Bonnet Parade, and she’s currently preparing to model another at this year’s Parade 2024.

   Celine’s looking forward to owning her own steel orchestra, creating her own brand of pan sticks, and becoming, as she said, a “big-time” Carnival Queen.

   She’s honed baking and cooking skills from her grand-mom Toolsie “Mamasita” Hospedales, which enabled her to voluntarily make and donate free cupcakes to her school’s fundraiser last term. Celine’s dad said he’s extremely proud of her and would do every and anything legally to help her. She relishes Old-School and modern Soca, and to an extent, R&B.

   The steelpan queen said she feels her best when she performs.

“Playing Pan and Mas greatly impact me. When I play, my mind; my brain’s atmosphere, becomes relaxed, then some days with Pan, I feel hyped, based on the songs that are being played.”   

   Her form teacher expressed his pleasure at how easily Celine manages each activity. She is a very quiet, ambitious, helpful and resourceful student who is always concerned about life and students’ wellbeing.  

   Celine said above all, she’s very concerned about student indiscipline, which makes her realise more, that she should continue talking to youth: Her advice:

“Always pray and read the Word. Focus on school, and if you also love an instrument, culture or sport, give it a chance.”

Celine Hospedales in her winning 2024 Carnival costume, A Tribute to Miss World 1986, Giselle La Ronde, before taking the stage at a Children's Carnival competition.