“To God be the glory as we celebrate a milestone together,” was the opening statement of the Welcome remarks delivered by founder, artistic director, CEO and lead choreographer of the Candice Clarke Academy of Dance (CCAD), Candice Clarke, at the long-service and excellence awards function she held for her academy’s 25th anniversary on November 11 at the SAPA, Trinidad.


Themed Chapter 25 – Unstoppable, the national anthem was delivered by Hadiya Isidore followed by 45 items that included dances choreographed by Clarke, Nia Trim, Chelsea Andell, Precious Hospedales and Talise Parris, respectively, and presentation of awards. The cast of the three-hour, three-segment production consisted of advanced dancers, levels one to four, alumni, and international artistes.

Worship and Inspiration:

Among the 17 dances were Bollywood Stars that featured the Mohammed sisters Tooshala and Devyani, and Caitlyn Hosein, Jada Dallsingh and Viri Singh, and New York Butterflies, a projected show featured Laisa Espinal, Mila Bonsu, Chelsea Faulknor, Taylor Pickney and Johanna Graham.

Candice Clarke and three-year-old Jhenè Hospedales launch the CCAD App.

Celebration and Reflection:

Part two followed a 25-minute intermission, where among the 16 dances were Hollywood Time Again! featuring Amelia-Marie Brooks. This segment ended with Unstoppable.


Recognition and Awards:

Opened with a projected item, A Trip Down Memory Lane, leg three also featured nine live dances: Glam Girl, With My Wings, Stay Blessed, Hip Hop Swag, Reset, I’ll Be Me, It’s Showtime, For You, and Creola 360, the academy’s specially-branded dance that presented T&T and US dancers.


CCAD’s international directors:

US-based Chelsea and Christon Andell, delivered virtual greetings and appreciation for the special awards they received.


Madison Francis performed a piece on pan, arranged by Tariq Daniel.

The big 25:

Clarke said item 25, Under the Spotlight, was one of the special elements, as it was produced by one of CCAD’s first-time choreographers Talise Parris. Another first was Nia Trim with her production, Stand Still.

Among the guests were the Honorary Consul for T&T in Los Angeles Joan Chanman-Forbes and her husband.

The audience favourites:

Once Upon a Sunflower Garden with original music by Jeniah Hope, Creola 360 with original music by Mr. International; Boogie Woogie – a retro-vibe dance by Chelsea Andell; and Under the Spotlight – a jazz dance by Talise Parris.


Dancer of the Year:

Scholarships to the WCOPA as sponsored by CCAD for Dancer of the Year, were awarded. Samiyah McLean for outstanding technique and delivery, who also received US$2000, and Hadiya Isidore for outstanding, unwavering attendance; US$500.


Dedicated Member honourees:

Tooshala Mohammed, Marielle Tannis, Shakira James, Devyani Mohammed, Nia Trim, Talise Parris, Hadiya Isidore, Anthonia Abbott, Samiyah McLean and Precious Hospedales. 



Apart from Christon and Chelsea receiving awards for dedication, performing at every production from age three years and advancing to international artistes, and Jean Clarke-Mills for dedication. commitment and passion of service, Candice Clarke launched the academy’s App with the academy’s youngest dancer, Jhenè Hospedales, three years.

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