Island Crashers - The Perfect Summer Getaway!

  • Reporting by OTIzzy. Photos courtesy TJJ.

Island Crashers hosted their annual island takeover at Pigeon Point beach last weekend and as per usual attracted THOUSANDS of party enthusiasts mostly from Trinidad and Tobago, but also from parts of the wider Caribbean and even the world. Attendees let their worries float away for 5 days and enjoyed the action. From the rhythm section at the entrance of “Freedom”, to a performance by the one of Trinidad’s biggest upcoming artistes, “Sackie” at Paradise, to the gallons of p1aint that covered every inch of the eager crowd at “Sunrise”.

The Island Crashers weekend appears to be the new rite of passage for all graduating high school students getting ready to face the wider world of work and responsibilities. This event is their last major getaway and party weekend before real life takes over and the Island Crashers team has curated it perfectly with the right amounts of fun and freedom, excitement and entertainment to create a safe space for total enjoyment!

Overtime Media spoke with some attendees and committee members and got their testimonials on the 2023 edition:



“Every year it’s impossible to expect what Island Crashers weekend will give you. Tobago will forever be a Paradise that we are blessed to call a second home. Being able to witness IC live, is something I wish everyone in the world can experience.”


“My Island Crashers experience has been phenomenal each time I’ve participated which was for the past 2 years. Island Crashers has a special place in my heart since “Freedom” was my first real fete experience and “Sunrise” was my first J’Ouvert experience. This year they completely topped themselves and made all the parties bigger and better and I cannot wait to see what they do next year!”


“My island crashers experience was out of this world amazing!! This was my second year, so I felt as if I knew what to expect, but island crashers keeps impressing me more and more every year. Seeing so many teenagers come together, to celebrate their lives and many of them, the end of exams is such a heart-warming feeling. No feeling will ever match the way you feel on top of a cooler, in Pigeon Point, surrounded by people you love, music blasting loudly and level waist pelting. I will never trade this experience for the world! Island crashers keeps on doing an incredible job at ensuring our summers are started off with a bang!”


“My IC experience was awesome just like last year! This was my second year around except last year I was literally in Tobago for 24 hrs, so this time I really got to experience the full weakened and it was amazing. The vibes in the atmosphere are just unmatched for us who just finished exams and IC is literally a haven for us to let go of all that stress and in what better place than Tobago? I’ll always appreciate IC for the memories I have with some of my closest friends!”


“Island Crashers is without a doubt the event I look forward to the most annually. Since it was my second year, 3I thought I knew what to expect going into it but the committee of organizers blew my expectations wayyy out of the park. From liming with my dawgs to whining with a bottle of oak on my head on pigeon point, from start to finish IC bago is the experience of a lifetime and I could do it over and over and over againnnnn!! IC is a big family from the people in the parties to the people behind the scenes and I will forever be a crasher!”


“Island crashers this year has to be the best 4-3 days of my entire life, the vibes, the people, the music elucidated nothing but pure bliss and magic. Thank You IC for continuing to be one of the greatest parties for teenagers!!”


“As a new member of the comittee or rather Island Crashers family and as someone who has only attended two island crashers thus far, I must say I admire the team of masterminds behind it. Having seen all the love and effort that goes into the planning, it is no wonder how they manage to consistently execute such a successful weekend every year…”